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Famous people we lost in 2015

Famous people we lost in 2015

Today in every competitive exam (SSC (Staff Selection Commission),RRB (Railway Recruitment Board),IBPS,SBI Recruitment,RBI Recruitment tests,Insurance,Postal and other State level
Recruitment Tests) there is a section called  General Awareness Section.This section consists of

questions on General Knowledge (G.K) and Current Affairs updates.Below is the list of some of the Famous people we lost in 2015.

1.John Forbes Nash Jr
 (June-13,1928 to May-23,2015)
 The American Mathematician , was awarded the Noble Prize for Economic Sciences in 1994 for his Game Theory. His life story inspired the Oscar-Winning film "A Beautiful Mind"(2001).He died in a car crash in New Jersey.

2.Satoru iwata
 (Dec-6,1955 to July-11,2015)
 Nintendo President and CEO died due to cancer.The Gaming industry's legend was known for developing World famous game "Super Mario".

3.Lee kuan yew
 (Sep-16,1923 to March-23,2015)
 Lee served as Singapore Prime Minister for 31 long years.He transformed Singapore from a resource-poor island into a wealthy country.He died of severe pneumonia.

4.Philip Levine
 (Jan-10,1928 to Feb-14,2015)
 The Pulitzer prize-Winning Poet was USA's poet Laureate in 2011-2012.He died of Pancreatic and Liver cancer.

5.James Horner
 (Aug-14,1953 to June-22,2015)
 The Academy Award-Winning music composer worked in popular movies like "Titanic" , "Troy" , "Avatar".He passed away in Plane crash in California.

6.David Carr
 (Sep-8,1956 to Feb-12,2015)
 Veteran journalist of 'The New York Times'. He died due to lung cancer and heart disease. He was known for his humorous media columns.

7.Malcolm Fraser
 (May-21,1930 to March-20,2015)
  Former Australian Prime Minister is known as "a giant of Australian Politics".He died after a brief illness.

8.Richie Benaud
 (Oct-6,1930 to April-10,2015)
 The Legendary Former Australian Cricketer known as 'Voice of Cricket' passed away due to Skin Cancer.

9.King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud
 (Aug-1,1924 to Jan-23,2015)
  Ruled Saudi Arabia for over two decades.He died of Pneumonia.

10.Ernie Banks
 (Jan-31,1931 to Jan-23,2015)
 Nicknamed Mr.Cub is considered one of the greatest players in the history of American Major League Baseball.He died of heart attack.

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