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List of Revolutions

In many competitive exams,we come across at least one question on Revolutions.This type of questions are given in General Awareness section.For your help some
 Revolutions are given below.This may be helpful to you.
1.Ever Green Revolution - Development of Agriculture

2.Yellow Revolution - Oil seeds Production

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3.White Revolution - Milk / Dairy Industry Development

4.Silver Revolution - Egg / Poultry Industry Development

5.Silver Fiber Revolution - Cotton Production

6.Round Revolution - Potato

7.Red Revolution - Meat / Tomato Production

8.Pink Revolution - Onion Production / Pharmaceutical / Prawn Production

9.Grey Revolution - Fertilizer

10.Green Revolution - Food Grains Production

11.Golden Revolution - Fruits / HortiCulture Development / Honey Production

12.Golden Fiber Revolution - Jute Production

13.Brown Revolution - Leather / Cocoa Production

14.Blue Revolution - Fish Production

15.Black Revolution - Petroleum Production

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